Miners Corp. A Community brought together by the industry they work and live with in - Mining & Resources - FIFO
Essentials: providing the Essentials for a Tough World.
made by a Miner for a Miner!....and their family or friends
by providing the available resources to complete the various issues faced from this FIFO Lifestyle.
MCE can offer many benefits to those who work, live in this or a similar, familiar ROLE.

Our first Core product:

Now just in case you didn't know :roll:
The MCE Goal and continued existence is to support and give back to those who work within this Industry and to complete their life through continued existence with more endurance and subsistence to the quality of products / services, that are strongly needed and what they desire.

Therefore filling the gap that exists and in order to enable a greater productivity between the Company’s they work for and the employee!

We have followed through with our first goal, which was to research & find a work sock that provided a safe & protective coverage to the foot to sustain wearability and protection in no matter what environment they worked within which entail would compliment and provide the protection for the safety work boot & work Gumboot which is worn in these industries.
We utilised our personal savings into research, development and many product trials, with a 100% success rate,

we now proudly offer and supply a far superior product “The Ultimate Work sock” that protects the foot whilst wearing the safety work boot or gumboot.
This is one of our highlights of achievement, which allows the opportunity to show how MCE is all about giving back and supporting our Mining & Resources community.

This is where in support to each other, one pebble can make a ripple effect across many boundaries, if we stick together we can achieve much more!
So bring a friend on board and proudly introduce them to the "Ultimate Work sock" from your MCE.

Corporate Branding and Bulk ordering is available, check in with the MCE Team to learn more!

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