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MCE will resource, research various issues & solutions that arise from within this FIFO Lifestyle and will place awareness of information regarding the companies, products, services to which will help you with in the MCE -websites “Community” section for you to either take advantage of or seek further assistance.
MCE is here to help! are not alone.
You will be able to add information and or make comments within each section.

To help MCE make this work, you are welcomed to provide your feedback as to whether you found it helpful or would like to suggest or share knowledge and experience.
You will find if you utilise the MCE “Community” section you will find who or what services or products are available to you, to use.
MCE will look openly and address all areas with in this Industry, from the silent unspoken off to the commonly known issues that affect the daily reality these occupations can bring!

MCE will research, retain and help you discover, what is available for you.

To clarify, when MCE state “Miner” this holds a meaning off; all who work within this lifestyle or similar!

Areas that will be covered;
Isolation, Distance, Time Poor, Separation, Family & Relationships, Legality’s
Training, Guidance, History, Companies, Employees, Skills, Travel.
Health, Mental Health, Mentality, Hormones
Financial, Legal, Insurance, Wills, Superannuation, Tax, Travel
Life –Plans, Motivation, Support, Achievements, Goals, Growth
There are many & much more, so be patience with us as we go on the journey to get some answers;
Then it’s left for you to take this information and do with, as it may help you or guide you.
The choice is yours.
Whether it is for the good times or through the bad, MCE will stand behind you in show of support and recognition.

If you do not find a service and or product that you need!

Simply email MCE direct and make your request:

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by providing the available resources to complete the various issues faced from this FIFO Lifestyle.
MCE can offer many benefits to those who work, live in this or a similar, familiar ROLE

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