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The FIFO lifestyle has uncanny way of striping away a person’s independence, at times to the point they cannot work within this industry without a strong support system back at home to handle the daily tasks!

The MCE members find it hard to locate companies that can adapt to their FIFO lifestyle, therefore finding it hard to accomplish the simple of life's daily tasks on their own.

MCE helps members find the resources and establish the skills to return a sense of independence in a FIFO world.

MCE has established a website which includes a community forum where MCE members can go and find the products and/or services they require.

If MCE members are unable to locate the products and/or services through the Community Forum! MCE will resource and find the products or services which are beneficial to the individual.

There is nothing worse, than when you can’t get through to the business you seek!

As a potential - sponsor or advertiser what services can you offer to accommodate the FIFO community.

Can you offer?

·        Flexibility and Efficient and prompt service

·        One point of contact

·        Companies that are available A/H

·        Adapt their services to accompany the limited time frame.

Do you have a service or product, you feel is perfectly suited to the MCE consumer / Member?

If you are of the same ethic or mindset that the Miners Corp Essentials is portraying, and would like the opportunity to market your company, awareness- products -services through the company, MCE can offer great cost effective packages to suit, enabling you the opportunity for exposure and build awareness from within the online Web Site or on a one to one basis within the Head Office!                            

Contact us now at E:info@minerscorp.com.au   H/O: 1300 459 976 / 08 9583 5545   Direct: 0412 703564

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"By joining with MCE and confirming your marketing investment, you not only build awareness for your business, you are supporting the core of our existance "The Worker" of Industry .... for togeher we can make a difference!"

 Miners Corp. Essentials [MCE]

PROVIDE the Resources essential to acquire the TOOLS paramount for SURVIVING ;)
"life in a FIFO world"

Miners Corp. Essentials is the Mining & ResourcesCommunity- HUBfor finding the resources necessary to survive the candid reality of FIFO- Lifestyle and Work requirements.


MCE - Tools of SOLUTIONS to help you!
Unless you have lived within this lifestyle you just don’t get it!
Where MCE is different!...We Get it!
We live it- We work in it- the MCE Team are living in a FIFO world!


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