MCE - Role - Industry support base

A support base to bring together the tools and values required to live a longer safer life....Stay Safe!
To all welcome, This company is dedicated to you:

Miners Corp. Essentials Pty Ltd. created by active Miner'sIt's all about you!
YOUR ARE US........WE ARE YOU.......Together we are.......Miners Corp. Essentials Pty Ltd [MCE]

Meet the Team:    Graham Bowman      Miner-Bow        Underground Miner
                                    Chairman / Director                          Miner Bow...all scrubbed up!

Miner "Bow"  Miner Bow - Hard at work....

 I am a proud Australian Miner, actively involved within this Industry for 26years.

Within the Mining Industry, exists a Brotherhood, which has come together, from the raging Integrity, pride and dam hard work that comes from working within an environment not everyone could!
Created and established by hard labour and true Aussie spirit, our recognised growth has been extended thanks to the “Elders” before us and the many sad “Mates” we have lost. Together building a workforce that has survived by watching each other’s back!
A trust and deep respect earned whilst earning a living from within Australia’s harshest environments but yet sweat resources.
I and all my fellow brothers of the Mining Industry take pride and a sense of satisfaction, in knowing “Miners play a vital role within holding Australia’s Economy together!
A Miner’s Brotherhood is how, Together we bring each other home safely to our families and loved ones.
Together “Miner’s work to build a strong safe workforce, creating a secure Australian Economy and building  a sustainable secure future for our Country and our children, to provide for all Australian’s.
We get it! and highly value the true meaning of “Life” we all walk proudly with the Honour of being Australian!
We are the lucky country!           
Australian Mining holds a reputation throughout the world, as the “leaders” within this Industry!
Produced humbly by fellow Brothers - past, present and future - “The Australian worker”.
Together the “Brotherhood” walks the talk “Tough’n-up Princess or go home”
 It’s the Australian way!
Every Australian is involved or affected in some way by the Australian Resources Industries, for without this we could not exist.
Miners Corp. Essentials has been created to bring support and recognition to those affected and living the “Mining Resources Industry” by providing a support base to bring together the tools and values required to live a longer safer life.
Stay Safe,
cheers "Bow"
And there is You!....... the Team of MCE Members  



Unless you have lived within this lifestyle you just don’t get it!
 Where MCE is different!...We Get it!
 We live it- We work in it- the MCE Team are just like you!







Miners Corp. Essentials [MCE]

PROVIDE the Resources essential to acquire the TOOLS  paramount for SURVIVING  

  "life in a FIFO world"  
MCE -History so far...growing daily!
Commenced in 2005 - Research, knowledge and awareness!
   Australian Head Office and Shop Front based in Mandurah Western Australia.
WE continue to grow reaching, helping member's from Australia and arround the world.

The MCE Community members actively communicate through all countries.
MCE - Members come far and wide from Australia and across the globe! 

Miners Corp Essentials ... we are not a mining company! ... WE ARE THE VERY PEOPLE WHO WORK WITHIN THEM!

MCE -Team          Miner’s Wives, Mothers, Partners, Family


  Lynn Bowman    Managing Director 

Bow's miner' Wife - THE MINERS WIFE! Behind every good man is a Managing Director!!   


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