Corporate Sponsorship
Invitations are now open for this year's 2014/15 Core Corporate Sponsorship positions.

Click here to view and download your pdf file"Sponsors intro to Miners Corp Essentials, Regional growth and support programs"

Supporting the work and growth of the Miners Corp Essentials "Leave no man behind" program, assists the MCE Team to grow and potentialy reach a higher number of individuals, including the MCE members giving them the ability to access these programs and increase their survival, mental health and overall well being within this  FIFO lifestyle!

The MCE goal to enhance the overall mental health well-being, and pride of the worker!

Miners Corp Essentials (MCE) has established itself as a community based organization. We endeavor to provide pathways and opportunities for all and become active in local, regional, state and national communities.
MCE is united by interaction and sustaining the power of community spirit, helping people actively be involved and learn important life skills about teamwork, leadership and discipline, and skill development
Miners Corp Essentials would not survive without a generous support of our corporate sponsors, their involvement ensures that we can continue to support the worker!
Your sponsorship will ensure and represent your commitment to developing the people, the worker both now and in the future.
Your sponsorship will help build the necessary skills and abilities of personal growth and assure the future essentials for the worker with the strength and honour to make a real contribution.
A skilled and prepared mindset workforce is critical to your business performance. In fact, we believe it's one of your most powerful assets.
All sponsorship funding is directly invested into the supporting the local
and regional communities and is used to manage and improve a worker’s life skills and produce productive employees.

Business Sponsorship,
 Community Business Sponsorship  click here to view and download Community intro
             Sponsor packages available with Miners Corp. Essentials Pty Ltd

We are offering the opportunity for sponsorship open to Businesses with Products and Services for areas to which would suit or benefit our cliental of Miners Corp. Essentials.

Our cliental have specific requests towards product and services that they would like access to.

Miners Corp. Essentials Pty Ltd 
Created for the worker by the worker of the Mining & Resources Industries with a clear understanding to an individual’s needs by covering the essentials of a tough world!

Our cliental is the very people that work with in the Mining and Resources sector!

Members range from, the Local Tradie, Civil, Construction, Surface, UG, Oil & Gas, Fishing, Forestry, Australians Armed Forces, Government bodies and General Public within Australia and Internationally.

Our service is sought after by all!

Packages are designed for prospective sponsors who have services / products on offer that suit our cliental and would like to take this opportunity to participate with Miners Corp. Essentials by providing their particular services / products.

If you are of the same ethic or mindset that the Miners Corp Essentials is portraying, and would like the opportunity to market your company, awareness- products -services through the company’s Web Site!                              contact us at      admin@minerscorp.com.au       1300 459 976        08 9583 5545    

This opportunity to market your business and what it has to offer to our client could allow you to build your business strength and recognition or maybe reach a cliental that could essentially benefit from what you have to offer!

We offer an option to create a package to suit should you require!

Please contact: admin@minerscorp.com.au  

The MCE Team current program designed to support, build awareness and help Community Business's gain valuable exposure! Click here to download and view!


MCE definitians;

  • Sponsor –A company or? Who want to contribute financially as they support what it is we at MCE are trying to achieve. Supportive company Logos / Material endorsed heavily within Miners Corp Essentials Core areas.
  • Advertiser – Investment Fee - A business with services and or product to offer, with MCE proving a direct link and awareness to them {community-section].
  • Marketing – Investment Fee – Opportunites for business's to provide a financial contribution towards endorsement of thier indivdual product / services with MCE with possiblities to have their product to sell direct to our members.
  • Awareness and link placement [community section] product placed into MCE shop.

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