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Reaching the MCE members:
The MCE Team focus on reaching our members by going directly to them, below is MCE marketing material, to view.
Mining Man -
Great Ideas for LEADERS in the Mining Industry! Jamie Ross, a mining engineer from Australia, with a passion for helping leaders in the mining industry master the essential skills they need to create and manage effective teams, and get the best out of the people around them.
Inflight Publishing:
PDF format:    Skippers issue 17 Click here to downloand and view article in pdf format. 
 Skippers Inflight Magazine issue 17 direct: click here to download and view direct.
    "We get to know the company that brought you The Ultimate Work Sock"

Inflight Publishing: Skippers issue 18

Inflight Publishing: Skippers Inflight Magazine Issue 20

Inflight Publishing: Mining Safety Insert 2012 look at inside cover and page 13..Yes!! that's MCE. thank you to Inflight publishing and the support they give the MCE members..and of course our lovely Jess..stay safe the MCE Team.

"The Ultimate Safety Product"

Skippers Inflight Magazine Issue 21: "Local Business Buzz" Miners Corp. Essentials [page 63]

Mining Chronicle: 
SAFETY Priority One:  "Feet get the five star treatment with specialised sock"


Community News:

Promotional Awareness: Click this link to download PDF file to view 

Media release - Community awareness:

National Foot Health Week:  click here to download and view media release "National Foot Health week"


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