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  • For those who are new to Miners Corp. Essentials [MCE]

MCE exists for the "Worker" to help the "Worker", supporting all in the industry.
The MCE Member's "Community Forum" can be found within the website and provides opportunity for the worker to help the "Worker".
MCE Members come together within an open forum, and are able to voice freely about areas or issues directly or indirectly that affect them personally due to common BLOOD SWEAT TEARS and LAUGHTER shared.
Bringing them together on common grounds, creating silent bonds of ethics, that only those who live and work within and around the FIFO world and which evolve from the Mining, Construction, Resources Industries, can relate to!

Questions? .... MCE Team has put together some common questions asked;
  • Where can I buy the "Ultimate work socks?"
MCE Product - "Ultimate work sock" can be purchased within the "SHOP ONLINE" the tab bar is situated at the top of the page!
The MCE H/O and Shop Front - situated at Unit 129/1 Marco Polo Drive, MANDURAH WA Next door to "M on The Point restaurant  ... Look for the YELLOW wall at the end of the Boardwalk. click here, this link will take you to view in google maps

or simply call the MCE Team on: 1300459976 or +61(08)95835545 or E: info@minerscorp.com.au 

  •  What is the MCE "Community" Forum?

 A community hub for the Industry, gaining trust and respect by placing information within an area for all to access freely.

Offering a wide variety of solutions, members opinions, issues that affect the member & or the Industry.

Direct links to services, products that are useful within the FIFO or DIDO or Home base.

Providing you with the "freedom to choose"!    Providing you with the productive "Tools" to make a living!

Become a Member and have your voice be heard”

MCE provides an interactive website which belongs to the community. [That's you]

The website is the hub of the community, that has been created and made available for a community that has evolved and come together from their, common grounds of Life!, i.e. their work and environments, lifestyle choices.

It is open to be used as a vital "survival tool" that comes together from an understanding off common grounds, it is open to be used by the MCE members, to be freely accessible 24/7 and offers the member a "freedom of choice" and a "freedom of voice" all this and more can be reached for free, by simply registering to become a member!

Members can access all the information they seek, implement information themselves and play a physical active role, within how MCE grows, including the content of material that is placed for all to view.

Member’s information is placed onto a friendly, easy to use website and is accessible to them 24/7 within the community section of the website available nationally and internationally.

For research, questions, provided requests and many known issues that affect an individual or all within the mining and resource industry and similar, MCE can provide solutions – and not only solutions to those within this industry, but to their support system including family and friends or even associates.

MCE "Community" Forum is designed to be a "reality" section.

MCE is A company created by active MINER's ....for a MINER! ... IT’S ALL ABOUT... YOU!

Miners Corp. Essentials "COMMUNITY" Forum 

What to do? within the COMMUNITY "

This section is designed for members to actively converse, within each area of their own individual careers and their daily encounters.

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