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Miners Corp Essentials is a Western Australian owned and operated company that began in 2005. We did our research and designed the site around what strengths are required to be a success in the mining and resources sector.

We know the mining industry because we work in it and we understand what it takes to become part of the trusted mining community.

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Our sole purpose is to help build a better, brighter, safer future and to share the knowledge and skills recognised by those who work in the industry. Our aim is to help and support miners and to bridge the gap between the general public and local communities.

MCE shares and provides first hand knowledge from people who know what employers expect from their workers. This information helps to guide and educate others about life skills so miners survive and thrive in a fly in/fly out or drive in/drive out environment.

Our site has everything miners’ need: news about what’s happening in the industry, job opportunities, a community forum, and a shop where you can buy the best socks ever manufactured plus other mining essential.

We chose our logo wisely to represent two hands locked together to create strength and a continuing bond.

Working in the mining and resources sector is tough and we hope our site and community network will make the difference in your life.

Current Campaign

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Become Part of the Community
Click on Community, it’s a safe place to meet others in the industry. You can connect with anyone around the world or with someone working on a nearby mine site.

This is the place to share your skills, achievements, disappointments and dreams for the future and importantly how you cope with surviving the FIFO or DIDO way of life.

A connected and safe mining community means you go home safely every night and at the end of your swing return home to your family ready for some rest and recreation.

It’s easy to become a MCE member and join the community. It’s free and we never sell or pass your details to a third party.
Why not become part of an interactive, informative community where you can openly voice your opinions, keep up-to-date with the mining news and buy products that have been made to suit the mining environment and at highly competitive prices.
If you already work in the mining industry your experience and knowledge could help others to make the decision to become a miner.
If the opportunity arises visit our Head Office & shop at "The Point" Retail unit 129/1 marco polo drive, Mandurah WA 6210 "look for the yellow brick wall", where the MCE Team brings this website to life… and more.

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