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Beary Loveable Bears-Karyn Ford

Postby MCE » Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:21 am

Beary Loveable Bears- by Award Winning Artist -Karyn Ford
Direct Link: :arrow: http://www.blbears.com/
Limited Edition and One of a Kind (OOAK) Bears and Gollies

Welcome to Beary Loveable Bears
Featuring award winning bears and gollies
All designed and made by Australian bear artist Karyn Ford
Quality hand dyed Bears, Bears with woolly hair
Dressed Bears, Bare Bears and Gollies

Direct Contact: :arrow: karyn.ford@bigpond.com
Teddy Bears and Gollies designed and made in Australia

Daniel (2) - Limited Edition of 5 (43cm - 17") Available NOW
daniel 2.jpg
Daniel - Limited Edition of 5

Karri Koala - Open Edition - Available NOW
three karris 10 compres.JPG
Karri Koala-Open Edition - Available NOW
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Re: Beary Loveable Bears-Karyn Ford

Postby MCE » Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:29 am

About the award winning artist KARYN FORD
Born in Perth (WA), I live with my husband Roy in the Western Australian coastal city of Mandurah.
I began my journey into the world of bear making in 1998 when Roy was working in China and I made my first bear - a synthetic panda. During my first year of bear making, I made most of my bears from synthetic fabrics and patterns from magazines. Many of these early bears found homes with family members and friends.
Beary Loveable Bears became a Trade Mark in 2002 when I started designing and creating my own mohair collectible bears.
Having been taught by my Mum to sew, knit and embroider at a young age and then my early career in drafting, has helped greatly in the creation of my bear family. With never enough time to make bears whilst working as a secretary, I quit the work- force in 2003. Roy and I made a lifestyle change which enabled me to spend much more time working on my bears.
Karyn Ford-Beary loveable bears.jpg

I have designed and made all the collectible artist bears you will see here, including the clothing on the dressed bears.
They are made from mohair and are mostly One of a Kind or very Limited Editions. They range in size from 14cm (5.5 inches) to 45cm (18 inches). I frequently use hand dyed mohair and add woolly hair to my bears using either wool or mohair. I dye the mohair and wool myself to create (it's been said), these rather unusual bears.
My inspiration comes from everything around me and I'm always dreaming up new ideas for future projects. The Apples Aint Apples Collection and Confection Collection are still growing and I will continue to create the occasional Aboriginal themed bear or go with what ever inspires me to do something different.

I have entered my bears into numerous Australian teddy bear competitions where they are judged by talented Australian bear artists.
Some of my awards include: Original Bear of the Show (2006), Best Dressed Bear and Winner - Make and Donate (2007) at Brisbane's Winter Wonderland Doll and Bear Show as well as Best Golly, Best Professional Bear and Bear of Show (2008 and 2010), Best Professional Bear and Appealing Theme Bear (2009) at Perth's Porcelain Doll Makers Guild of WA - Doll and Bear Show.

In 2011 I finally decided to enter my first International Competition. Two little bears traveled all the way to England for The National Teddy Bear Artists Awards and each were awarded a rosette.

Contact: :arrow: If you would like all the information about my available bears, please contact me at karyn.ford@bigpond.com
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