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Supporting your Community

i support the worker project-join us

Postby MCE » Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:19 am

Workers are people. People are human. Humans come with talent, needs and flaws!
Miners Corp Essentials for a tough world, managing the “HUMAN” side of Industry!
Join us

MCE are committed to developing projects that provide strength to an individual and return a sense of gratitude to a community as a whole, that is bought together by the very real life issues faced, within a world that can be very easily misunderstood!

MCE is committed to help aid the workers human needs in this vast skilled and diverse workforce of the various Resources Industries, for we believe "the worker" is one of the most powerful assets a company can have!

You can contribute by helping share your knowledge of MCE to others, and together we can build a brighter and safer existence to all who work within the Mining and Resources Industries!
Download this pdf. :arrow:
i support the worker project.2014.pdf
inquiries: 0412 703 564 or email: lynn.bowman@minerscorp.com.au
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Miners Corp Essentials current campaign, and help us to help build crucial support and awareness, from those who think "the worker" is a valuable part of the community.

Promo video "i support the worker" campaign for members to join in and share, build awareness and build the foundations of valuable support required.
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