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Put an impressive Oil and Gas Resume in the shortlist pile

Postby vietnam manpower » Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:42 am

Consider those things before you develop the evaluation criteria for oil and gas resume.

Oil and gas resume is the important piece that helps you get an idea of the candidates' skills and experience. Also, the way they layout their resume and content they put in let you know, to some extent, about who they are like and hint you about whether they are good fits to your corporate culture. A readable and personality resume would drive you to put that candidate in the shortlist pile. Of course, he/ she has qualifications that fit your requirements. Below are suggestions about the resume format and content that you can consider when developing evaluation criteria for the oil and gas resume.
1. Format

• Use standard 8.5" x 11" paper and limit the resume to one page.

• The minimum margin is ½ inch on the four sides.

• Keep a consistent font throughout the resume. Use CAPS LOCK, italics or bold sparingly to highlight information. It’s good to use bold type to emphasize the university, title, employers’ names.

• Stick to a clean, crisp look. Include white space to make the resume readable.

• Either chronological or functional resumes are Ok.

Chronological resumes that tend to be the well-defined formats should list the candidate’s experiences in a reverse chronological order. This style is preferred among many employers because like a puzzle, the employer can see how the pieces of the candidate’s background fit together. This style, if executed effectively, will showcase the candidate’s progression and details of their roles and responsibilities that led him/ her to the job search in oil and gas. With this resume style, you can see the holes in the candidate’s employment history.

The functional resumes especially help candidates that have never worked in the oil and gas field before to stress their transferable skills they could bring to the team in oil and gas.

2. Content

• The resume should demonstrate transferable skills that bring the candidate to a new position. It also should include explicit examples to the attributes and skills. Each statement should associate with a skill required of the new post the candidate is trying to obtain.

• Highlight the industry-specific experience, including as many details as possible for those positions.

• Avoid run-on sentences.

For example:

No: “Direct management responsibilities over the regional production and 40 volunteers in charge of budgeting, fund-raising and promoting community interactivity.”

Yes: “Directly managed the regional production. Work scope included budgeting, fund-raising and promotion.”

• Use past-tense free and action verbs to make the statements clear and powerful.

• Spelling or grammatical errors are minus points.

• Clarify name and titles. Such hierarchical titles as ‘Associate’ can’t convey anything of real substance about the candidate’s past positions.

• Specify project names, types and locations/ regions.

• Include equipment or software experience for each position.

• Minus points for the resumes that group all of the experience together. The candidate should list each position separately, with starting dates, ending dates, enterprises and position titles, with specific projects, etc. for each.

• Minus points for the oil and gas candidates that write their resume in paragraphs or complete sentences. Short, bulleted statements are preferred.

• Minis points for the resumes that focus too much on experience irrelevant to the industry or experience from more 20 years ago. Brief summaries of those positions should be sufficient.

• The resume should include what the candidate learned and how his/ her action made a difference. That would make his/ her experiences come across as more compelling. For instance: “Play an important role in developing programs for land managers, resulting in a stronger community of oil and gas executives.”

• The employers can use electronic systems to run the oil and gas resumes through databases to track the keywords (onshore/ offshore, sub-sea, topsides, deep water, upstream/midstream/downstream, etc.) to find out candidates meeting their requirements.

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