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The unexpected reasons you do not get a promotion

Postby vietnam manpower » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:19 am

Have you already work hard and smart and still waited for an offer to getting promotion from your boss? Maybe it’s not hard as you think

In two recent work environment studies — one with bosses and the other polling employees — the results, with no surprise, were similar: Looking bad can cost you big.

The career website CareerBuilder asked 2,878 hiring managers in all types of businesses a question, “Which personal attributes would make an employee less appealing for a promotion?”

- Here are top 10 responses related how employees present themselves.

1. Piercings – 37 percent
2. Bad breath – 34 percent
3. Visible tattoo – 31 percent
4. Often has wrinkled clothes – 31 percent
7. Too much perfume or cologne – 26 percent
5. Messy hair – 29 percent
6. Dresses too casually – 28 percent
7. Too much perfume or cologne – 26 percent
8. Too much makeup – 22 percent
9. Messy office or cubicle – 19 percent
10. Bit fingernails – 10 percent

- How many things up there are fit in you right now? It’s time to change.

A visible tattoo is the most difficult thing to hide (and apparently not cheap to remove it), however, for the others, you don’t have to cost a coin to take out some piercings, iron your clothes, comb the hair, decrease your makeup and perfume, and stop biting your fingernails.

It only takes time to straighten up and clean your workspace, but you also need to replace your bad behavior with the tidy, clean attitude. In fact, the most struggle issue to deal with from this list might be bad breath. Web MD says more than 90 million people suffer from chronic bad breath, known medically as halitosis. The solutions are looking for the simple way on the internet for slighter symptom or meet the doctor to be cured for the serious sickness.

What left on the above list is: “Dressed too casually.” With other surveys, not only bosses want the better-dressed employees, but your coworkers also agree.

A lately study was performed by staffing firm Adecco quizzed employees about costume theme: what makes suitable summertime work attire. “Three-fourths of Americans think it’s OK for both men and women to dress more casually at work in the summer,” MSNBC reported. But simultaneously, those employees said that their peers actually were pushing their boundaries of good taste.

- Here are the other recent survey results about appearance at work:

80% of women and 61% of men – thought miniskirts were inappropriate work attire.

More than 76% of women with only 55% of men - believed strapless tops were inappropriate.

31% of both sexes thought open-toed shoes were tacky; a whopping 71% agreed that those co-workers who come to work in flip-flops are really pushing it.

Source: http://vnmanpower.com/en/the-unexpected%20...%20VTmEtRG.99
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